Why We Meditate review: A convincing argument for regular meditation – New Scientist


Meditation seems to divide people into hardline converts or sceptical questioners. Daniel Goleman and Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s new book comes ready to answer any doubts


18 January 2023

Meditation seems to reduce stress and the risk of certain ailments

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Why We Meditate

Daniel Goleman and Tsoknyi Rinpoche (Penguin Life)

I OPENED Daniel Goleman and Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s Why We Meditate: 7 simple practices for a calmer mind with some scepticism. I am not a regular meditator, and while I have read a few popular books that aim to convince you of its usefulness, I have never been convinced. Questions like “How can I relax and stay focused on work?” and “Isn’t some stress necessary for living during angsty times?” …


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