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You’ve surely heard the word, but what is a chakra? Is it a spinning wheel?

Chakras are a very fundamental concept in Yoga, Tantra, Meditation and Ayurveda; it elucidates how energy or prana moves through different centers in the body. The energy you consume is augmented by your chakras, which act as a kind of energy reservoir. If the chakras are working in optimum condition, then your chakras are balanced, but if something is out-of-whack you can feel this as fatigue, lack of success, malaise, violence, anger which is why it is up to you to keep them well maintained. Kudos to you, if you got them aligned!

Ancient knowledge teaches that there are seven chakras in a human body that are aligned along the spine. The first chakra is at the base of the spine, and it connects to each one, finally reaching the top of the crown which is the seventh chakra. These chakras are vibrating, creating a vortex of energy, like the strings of String Theory.

Now can I show you the chakras on your physical body? Well, can you show me the miniscule strings of String Theory? You see, these chakras are invisible to the naked eye. They can only be discerned with intuition. With meditation, we can learn to anchor the life-giving force, prana into our seven chakras.

The chakras are the storehouse of all our thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences, and actions and when we turn towards a more spiritual life we can consciously transmute and process better the pain and the suffering of this world. When we connect to each chakra via beej or seed sounds or through meditation and visualization or self-affirmations, we can intentionally heal the energy stored within our body.

Scientists have discovered that the spinning wheels of the chakra correspond to nerve centers that are full of nerve endings and also house fundamental organs. The chakras are directly associated with our emotional responses, our psychological well-being and the depth of our mystical perceptions. When the energy storehouse becomes clogged or static, we can experience many tragedies and losses and when it’s fluid and aligned, we are truly “living” our best life.

Many are left with blockages in their chakras and cannot fully experience everything. They are nervous, anxious, worried and stressed out. So, how can one remove these blockages and align their chakras. The first thing is being aware that such subtle nerve centers exist! One might use the Tapping Method to “tap out” any molds or fungus that could be growing in the putrid debris. Conscious tapping brings miraculous results. You immediately feel elevated and energized.

The practice of Hatha Yoga is possibly the gateway to prepare the physical and mental body for mystical awareness and meditation. Reiki is also one way to “Feel” the chakras. Crystal Grids made on one’s body can bring awareness to these swirling wheels of energy. Mantras …….


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