THE ONCE And FUTURE KING: A Back To The Future Meditation In Three Movements –


First Movement: Round Table and the Peers


When Arthur realized he was to become king, and not just any king, but the illustrious Once and Future King, he went apart in solitude, looked out over the rolling land and for a long time contemplated the condition of the realm he was destined to guide, guard, and govern. Visibly on all sides, in every direction, was confusion, corruption and conflict. Ruin, despair, and denigration were common, as also abrupt and excessive aggressions, swindling deceptions and devouring violence.  More of his soon to be subjects existed in fear and distrust, under the heavy shadows of suspicion and dread, than lived confident and free by light, a joy of life, and with love permeating their days and night.

How was this brute, pandemic condition to be changed? How to empower dignity and restore to people a common bond of decency, a purpose, and a renewal of trust?

In his probing contemplation, Arthur struck upon two mighty truths on which to build a new reign of abiding difference.

First, Arthur would establish his governance on a Round Table, a profound, powerful circle of peers who would democratize debate, discourse, authority, and decision-making. This Table of Meeting, like unto all other circles (the circle being nature’s most prevalent form) was to have no one at head and no one at tail; none elevated, and none relegated to an inferior station.

Seated at the Round Table, everyone and all of those qualified for peerage would be equals and their decisions made by consensus, according to detailed discernment, appropriateness, and conscientious alignment with truth, favoring the protection and perseverance of life.  Nothing anymore (the new monarch delighted) would be swayed by wealth or status and no wrong excused because of privilege.

Arthur, King and champion, said sagely within himself: A circle dissolves hierarchies, making way for new, more porous, interfacings of recognition, of mutuality and bonding purpose to open, flourish and establish experiential presence.

Secondly, Arthur had the patience, strength, and humility to recognize that his Round Table could only survive and grow if those who were called into the noble peerage of knighthood (in service to Gaia as Earth Spirit Warriors) were personages of the highest standards of spiritual maturity, were great souled and of vital, empathetic character. These would need to be individuals of robust, unassailable honesty, transparency, of courage combined with humility, strength combined with gentleness, of intuition, sensitivity, and discerning intelligence, persons pledged to a chivalric code of inclusive dignity, biotic justice, and indiscriminate compassion.

Such individuals of authenticity, revealing in the spring of their lives noteworthy capacities for such evolutionary developments and striving would be worthy of a place at the Wonderous Circle of Meeting, of the Once and Future King, in the Camelot of Light and Life Affirmation.

To which, Arthur, examining the illuminations of …….


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