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The world is stressful, and like countless others, I’ve spent a lot of time meditating and trying to relax. I’ve tried apps like Insight Timer and Peloton, I’ve taken a whole course from Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through MasterClass (reviewed here), and I went on to enroll in a full eight-week training course on MBSR. I’m sharing my experience to show that I am at least familiar with meditation (though I doubt anybody in my life would call me relaxed, chill, or enlightened, but that’s neither here nor here). Still, as a highly neurotic person with a ton of anxiety, meditating remains an important part of my life. So when the opportunity to try out Superhuman, a new meditation app based around visualization techniques, came across my desk, it was an easy thumbs-up. 


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Launched in 2021 by Mimi Bouchard, Superhuman has a very specific and modern vibe. The colorful, friendly app doesn’t feel too rooted in the history of “meditation,” the books, apps, and general aesthetic of which can sometimes feel outdated or austere (some might just say ancient or traditional); rather, Superhuman feels more like an Instagram post brought to life, or a Saturday morning pep talk from your pal between yoga and avocado toast. With sessions like “Re-center Before a Big Meeting,” “Create More Money, Wealth + Opportunity,” “Stop Feeling Insecure,” and “Good Vibes While Cleaning,” Superhuman is more like scrolling your #fyp page on TikTok when the algo has figured out you’re depressed and in search of #lifehacks (you’ll have to save your demons for your next SoulCycle ride). For better or worse, it’s the quintessential app example of our post-New Age, hustle-and-grind culture obsessed with manifesting, astrology, vibes, movement, and “the universe.” My trial of the app started out uneventful—we all know the Headspace vibe—and then… things got… interesting. Those looking to #manifest, read on. 

For what it’s worth, exploring Superhuman’s meditations was really fun. If you’re seeking a session with a specific purpose beyond just mindfulness, there are sleep meditations; body positivity meditations; ones for running, walking, and stretching; and even cooking meditations. There’s even one about de-stressing during a family event, which I wish I’d had over the holidays. 

The “Seated Meditations” section alone has over 200 sessions, with 60 sessions about stress and anxiety and 112 that …….


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