Alex Olson has been skateboarding’s one-man-band for quite some time now. He seems to have put skating on the backburner and has taken up yoga, surfing, making memes and raffling off RVs. His newest venture is an online meditation course released through District Vision, a self-described “center for inner peace.” What that means is that they make sunglasses for runners and have also recently started releasing meditation courses online.

As I was meddling about one day, I got an Instagram ad for Olson’s video course. How could I say no? While most Instagram ads are for garbage dropshipping websites, this one gave me the opportunity to learn from someone who has created some great brands over the last decade.

Once you buy the course, you’re greeted with a landing page that has all six of Olson’s lessons as well as some vital information along the sidebar. Whether you want to know the local temperature, your lucky number (mine is 60), your horoscope, or what quantities of polluting gasses are in the air, it can all be found on the home page. They really thought of everything.

I’ve never done meditation before so I am not entirely sure what to expect. I have done some yoga, so hopefully, there is some crossover between the two. I am definitely interested in working on setting myself at ease and learning to clear my mind, control my breathing, and center myself. In such an overly connected modern world, stress builds up easily and sometimes I find myself always needing to keep busy (AKA be on my phone).

As a growing boy, I’m definitely concerned about how my generation’s constant connectivity will impact us in the future. We spend more time than any previous generation with screens inches from our face or working. Hopefully, a little meditating will connect me to my ancestors and bring me back to a pre-NFT world. If that doesn’t happen, at least I’ll learn how to do that stomach jiggle thing.

The first video lesson is all about Qigong, “a system of coordinated body posture and movement,” according to Wikipedia, and “a form of medicine,” according to Alex. This was fairly similar to yoga except it was less about stretching and holding a position and more about warming up the muscles and preparing your mind for some more serious mediation. The poses had catchy names like Ape Swing and Shaking Tree. I actually found these pretty useful and enjoyable. I would turn off the lights in my room and close my eyes. I think that not getting any sensory input actually improved the experience.

As I was rocking back and forth doing Zen Swings I began to focus on the subtle details of the world around me. I started to listen to the sound of my clothes …….


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