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Jacksonville is poised to yet again consider removing Confederate monuments from public property.

Councilman Matt Carlucci says he has a plan to remove controversial Confederate monuments from public property by July 26. The bill, which Carlucci filed last Wednesday, proposes capping the cost of removal at $500,000.

Last November, City Council withdrew a different bill to remove a Confederate monument from Springfield Park. Local activist groups have spent years advocating for the removal of these monuments.

Guest: Jacksonville City Councilman Matt Carlucci.

Meditation minute

Even a small amount of meditation each day can improve your mental health. In today’s meditation minute, Elizabeth Henrichsen guided us through breathing and relaxation.

Guest: Elizabeth Henrichsen, meditation and yoga instructor.

Postcards to Space

The Museum of Science & History has announced winners for its inaugural Space Mailbox competition. The contest is in collaboration with Blue Origin’s foundation Club for the Future, STEM2 Hub and Duval County Public Schools. The initiative launched with a countywide contest for Duval public school students in February as part of the Club for the Future’s Postcards to Space program.The students’ winning post boxes will be professionally constructed and installed in the Museum and at the Duval County STEM Innovations Center to collect guests’ postcards that will be launched into space on Blue Origin’s New Shephard rocket.

Guest: Eddie Whisler, director of MOSH’s Bryan-Gooding Planetarium.

Local sports

WJCT sports analyst Josh Torres talked us through Monster Jam, March Madness and the opening of NFL free agency.

Guest: WJCT sports analyst Josh Torres.


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