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There is much more to meditation than sitting on the floor with crossed legs and closed eyes. Aside from providing the needed forum to ease your mind and refocus your energy, taking time out for yourself and quieting your thoughts could lead to all sorts of other health benefits. It’s the process of shutting out mental distractions, like thinking about work emails, and focusing your energy in the present moment. The goal is to increase calmness and psychological balance.



THE ONCE And FUTURE KING: A Back To The Future Meditation In Three Movements –

First Movement: Round Table and the Peers


When Arthur realized he was to become king, and not just any king, but the illustrious Once and Future King, he went apart in solitude, looked out over the rolling land and for a long time contemplated the condition of the realm he was destined to guide, guard, and govern. Visibly on all sides, in every direction, was confusion, corruption and conflict. Ruin, despair, and denigration were common, as also abrupt and excessive aggressions…….


What’s Meditation-Tok? Meet The Influencer Bringing Mindfulness To TikTok – Refinery29

At the time, in search of ways to heal, Hernandez turned to peer-to-peer counseling — and she found it to be wildly impactful. “It was all about conversation and vulnerability and hearing one another without judgment,” she says. “It helped me create this belief in building an ecosystem of care — a whole community of people who help to build you up while you do the same for them.” For her, that’s certainly what TikTok can look like: an ever-building collective of people looking t…….


Meditation Can Be Used To Calm Your Mind And Help You Sleep. Here’s How. – BuzzFeed News

If you have to deal with difficult decisions and stressful situations on the daily, not to mention the dumpster fire that is the news cycle at any given moment, it’s not unusual to have anxiety and intrusive thoughts that keep you awake at night.

There are things you can do that help. For example, you can try cognitive behavioral therapy, which aims to transform your negative habits and thoughts about sleep into positive ones.

However, there’s another sleep-promoti…….


Meet the Sensate, a meditation device that purrs like a cat – Mashable

March Mindfulness is an annual Mashable series that explores the intersection of meditation practice and technology. Because even in 2022, March doesn’t have to be madness.

The first time a friend with anxiety disorder told me about the Sensate, I was skeptical. Here was what looked like a black plastic pebble — or maybe a computer mouse for someone with small hands — that’s supposed to sit in the middle of your chest. There it sits and vibrates at various low frequencies while the…….


Yes, You *Can* Meditate Even if You Can’t Sit Still—Here’s How – Well+Good

You know that meditation comes with a whole host of physical and mental benefits. But every time you sit down to do it, you’re immediately desperate to get back up. It’d be easy to assume meditation just isn’t for you. But not so fast! Contrary to the popular stereotype, physical stillness isn’t a prerequisite to entering a restful, meditative state. In fact, moving your body can help calm your mind.

“Movement meditation allows you to tap into the pre…….



Alex Olson has been skateboarding’s one-man-band for quite some time now. He seems to have put skating on the backburner and has taken up yoga, surfing, making memes and raffling off RVs. His newest venture is an online meditation course released through District Vision, a self-described “center for inner peace.” What that means is that they make sunglasses for runners and have also recently started releasing meditation courses online.

As I…….


What is transcendental meditation, and how does it work? – Medical News Today

Transcendental meditation is a type of meditation during which a person repeats a Sanskrit mantra, or saying, in their mind. It is a secular practice that requires a person to take lessons from an instructor.

The Hindu monk Swami Brahmananda Saraswati first popularized transcendental meditation in the United States through his follower, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Some studies suggest that transcendental meditation may ease stress, reduce anxiety, and help with profe…….


Visualization Meditation Is for Women on the Go – Oprah Mag

The classic image of a modern-day meditator looks something like the calming figure of the Buddha–a man or woman sits with their legs crossed in the traditional lotus position, palms facing up on their knees, a perfectly erect posture, and a facial expression of sweet placidity. To some, it looks like an enviable state of serenity, but for those afflicted with a monkey mind and a spazzy bodily tempo, it looks like a triple root canal at a sadistic d…….


Councilman Carlucci’s bill to remove Confederate monuments; meditation minute; Postcards to Space; local sports – WJCT NEWS

Jacksonville is poised to yet again consider removing Confederate monuments from public property.

Councilman Matt Carlucci says he has a plan to remove controversial Confederate monuments from public property by July 26. The bill, which Carlucci filed last Wednesday, proposes capping the cost of removal at $500,000.

Last November, City Council withdrew a different bill to remove a Confederate monument from Springfield Park. Local activist …….