7 Surprising Advantages For Entrepreneurs Who Meditate – Forbes

With practice, meditation has the potential to change your life. Committing to even a short practice of just ten minutes per day could bring business benefits beyond a reduced heart rate, lower cortisol levels, and better rest. The effects aren’t uniform across practitioners, each person gleans different results. “Meditation is an exploration”, explains experienced meditation instructor Jeff Warren. “We have to learn for ourselves how exactly it will shift our outlooks and ways of ope…….


How to Be Mindful if You Hate Meditating – TIME

There’s a certain disconnect that plagues almost everyone nowadays: Your body is doing one thing—sitting in a meeting, eating dinner with the family—while your brain is miles away.

Some might call it multitasking, but mental-health experts say it’s more problematic. Corrie Goldberg, a clinical psychologist and founder of Shore Therapy Center for Wellness in the Chicago area, says that a lack of mindfulness can deprive us of a deep connection …….


Review: Does the Superhuman Meditation App Work? – VICE

Image Courtesy of Superhuman

The world is stressful, and like countless others, I’ve spent a lot of time meditating and trying to relax. I’ve tried apps like Insight Timer and Peloton, I’ve taken a whole course from Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through MasterClass (reviewed here), and I went on to enroll in a full eight-week training course on MBSR. I’m sharing my experience to show that I am at least familiar with meditation (though I doubt anybod…….


Study Finds Meditation Could Dramatically Improve Your Gut Health – Prevention Magazine

New study found Tibetan monks who meditate regularly have a better gut microbiome than people who don’t meditate.This isn’t the first study to link meditation to good gut health.Experts say it can’t hurt to add meditation to your life.

Meditation has been a buzzy practice for years, and research has linked it to everything from a lowered risk of depression to stress relief. Now, a new study found meditation may boost your gut health.

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Meditation could have positive impact on gut and overall health – The Guardian

It is a practice favoured by Lena Dunham, Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga to boost their focus and bring about calmness in an often busy, distracted world.

Now researchers have found evidence that frequent meditation over several years may help alter the human gut – boosting the body’s immune system and reducing the risk of anxiety, depression and heart disease.

In a small study of Buddhist monks, researchers found deep medit…….


‘Do I have to sit still?’: 6 questions about meditation, answered by an expert who has been practicing for 15 years – CNBC

Meditation is often cited as one of the most effective practices for improving just about everything. It can help reduce anxiety and depression, increase attention span, and make us happier, according to a handful of studies. 

It’s one of the more accessible practices endorsed by hyper-successful stars like Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah.

It’s also a practice that can be hard to stick. For one, it’s difficult to know if you’re doing it right — sitting in silence a few minutes a day d…….


What is Chakra meditation? – Hindustan Times

You’ve surely heard the word, but what is a chakra? Is it a spinning wheel?

Chakras are a very fundamental concept in Yoga, Tantra, Meditation and Ayurveda; it elucidates how energy or prana moves through different centers in the body. The energy you consume is augmented by your chakras, which act as a kind of energy reservoir. If the chakras are working in optimum condition, then your chakras are balanced, but if something is out-of-whack you can feel this as fatigue, lack of succes…….


Apple Fitness+ to add kickboxing workouts, sleep meditation and more – TechCrunch

Apple announced today that its Fitness+ service is getting a new kickboxing workout type, sleep meditation theme, artist spotlights and more for the new year. The company is adding kickboxing starting January 9. Each workout will consist of a distinct round of moves followed by one final round, which will combine the moves users just learned into a one-minute interval. No equipment is required for these sessions, and workouts will be 10, 20, or …….